Udmurtia received the first bulldozers CHETRA

The company "CHETRA — Industrial Machinery" delivered the first batch of bulldozers CHETRA T-11.02-1 YABR State Unitary Enterprise of the Udmurt Republic "Udmurt motor roads Enterprise" (SUE UR "Udmurtavtodor").

 6 cars have already begun work on the roads of the country. By May 2013 another 3 bulldozer to complement the first in the history of the brand as a mass party CHETRA equipment for the road construction industry Udmurtia. Total on balance of plant is 4,666 km of roads.

Simultaneously with the tractors for SUE UR "Udmurtavtodor" 4 cars T-9.01YA1B-1 will join the fleet machinery of another enterprise of the Udmurt Republic — LLC "Udmurtdorstroy." All the bulldozers will work for the construction and repair of roads intra under the program of Ministry of Transport of SD.

In road construction bulldozers CHETRA used in the preparation of sub-grade highways. They backfilled, compacted and shaped ground, prepare the base for the pavement laid on top of him.

The upgraded second generation bulldozers CHETRA T11.02 available with Cummins engines and JAMZ. Machines have a modern ergonomic design. Electronic bulldozed by using joysticks. The cab is pressurized CHETRA T11.02 double glazing has all-round visibility. It installed sliding windows and heater.

In bulldozer CHETRA T-11.02 improved the reliability and efficiency of the cooling of the engine and transmission, and as a result of resource nodes. The engine adapted to run at temperatures down to minus 40 C. The reliability and durability of the transmission pump and hydraulic attachments.

"Technology CHETRA is followed by the consumer. The emergence of a large batch of cars on the roads of Udmurtia harbinger of future changes in this direction. At CTT 2013 will be first shown bulldozer CHETRA T-11 with a rotary blade, greatly increasing the speed and quality of construction of roads. This technique can be replaced by its functionality graders. Also for the first time will be presented with bulldozers leveling system that can bring the flatness of the base of the roadway to a state close to the ideal "- commented on the supply of equipment to Izhevsk Head Division CHETRA Victor Chetverikov.

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