UDMZ and the Austrian engineering company AVL upgraded engine 8DM21L

On the Urals Diesel Engine Plant (UDMZ, is a divisional holding company "-Sinara Transport Machines") completed under a contract with the Austrian engineering company AVL to upgrade the diesel engine 8DM-21L diesel modification. Before signing the contract documents for closing specialists AVL spent the final measurement of technical parameters of a diesel engine.

Project leader on the Austrian side Gert Koren noted that the targets included in the contract to upgrade the diesel engine 8DM-21L, polnostyuvypolneny, not to limit the claimed characteristics, and with a significant margin. Thus, thanks to the modernization of brake specific fuel consumption at rated power is reduced by 5.3%, with partial loads on the characteristics of diesel — by 7.8%. Nitrogen oxide emissions were reduced by 36%, reduced the opacity of 37.8%. The representative of the AVL also drew attention to the fact that these results were obtained without increasing the maximum combustion pressure, which increases the resursostoykost new engine. "The achieved fuel consumption figure of upgraded diesel engine now complies with current international peers", — Gert said Koren.
Recall that the work UDMZ now AVL began in 2009. The first contract was sent for examination engine design 8DM-21L, carrying out calculations to identify ways and upgrades. The second contract with AVL for works on the modernization of the engine was made in October 2010. Initially, the engine was tested on the test bench and then sent to Graz (Austria), where he set of tests.

According to the general director of "Sinara-Transport Machines" Oleg Emelyanov, the company expects the second half of the year to start mass production of upgraded diesel engine on UDMZ. "A new modification of the engine will be installed on locomotives series TEM9 and TEM14 produced Lyudinovskiy Locomotive Plant"- Said Oleg Emelyanov.

The four-export shunting locomotive TEM9

Dvuhdizelny shunting locomotive TEM14


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