Ukraine adopted a new sound-intelligence complex

Ukrainian military adopted a new set of sound-automated reconnaissance (Razka) "Regulation 2".

The corresponding order of Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev signed at the end of February.

  • "Position 2".  Photo SKB "Lightning"
  • "Position 2". Photo SKB "Lightning"


The complex is designed in Odessa SKB 'Lightning'. It is planned that mass production of this technology will be engaged in Odessa, too. However, when the first "Regulation 2" will go to the army, is still unknown.

"Unfortunately, in the defense budget for this year funds for the purchase of our systems there — complained in an interview with the" Duma "director" Lightning "Vladimir Mingalev. — But we hope to get an order for 2,014 th. "

The development of "Statute-2" Odessa Design Bureau started way back in 1995, and completed in December last year. Complex, said Vladimir Mingalev, is unique in the post-Soviet space.

In general, such a system on the planet produce only six countries — the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel. Odessa product in this company is quite competitive, say its creators.

Audiometric complex task — to determine the location of guns, mortars and multiple rocket launchers enemy, and then direct them to the "friendly" guns and adjust their fire. 

Razka machine consists of a hardware-based multi-purpose conveyor MT LBu, three acoustic bases, nine highly sensitive sensors, microphones and a weather station. Used navigation aid "sharpened" under the GPS or GLONASS.

Audio information is coming through the sound receivers "Regulations" processed by the computer, which gives the coordinates of firing artillery and breakpoints and mortar shells that were released ours. All data is transmitted over an encrypted communication channels and displayed in online mode on the operator's screen and digital tablet artillery commander.

The maximum range at which a complex enemy hears — 35 kilometers. Adjust their fire he can at a distance of 15 km. The closer the sound source, the more Razka determines its location.

State-owned Enterprise "Special Design Bureau" Lightning "was founded in Odessa in 1972. CSC used in the development of military technology, energy, communications, engineering and other fields. In the 40 years of its existence, "Lightning" has developed and introduced several generations of sound-systems, which are in service with the Ukrainian and other armies.

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