Ukraine cleared 2nd jack-Independence

The second modern high-tech jack-up drilling rig (SFDR)Independence has been delivered to the Crimea.

The press service of the Chornomornaftohaz.

Before the New Year 2013, tugs towing held Jack-Up The independence of the Turkish port of Giresun in the Crimea.

Jack-up is set to raid the base drilling and construction Chernomorneftegaz the Crimean Black Sea town and passed customs clearance.

At the moment, there is a preparation of SFAS Independence to work on top Odessa gas field.

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In June 2012, Keppel FELS Limited has completed the construction of jack-up rig Independence.

In October 2012, Independence of the jack-up rig has been delivered to the Black SeaGiresun Port of Singapore and took the final stage of installation of pillars, equipment and commissioning.

It was expected that independence will be on the drillingOdessa depositsin December 2012

In Turkey, conducted tests, start-up and round-trip Jack-Up.

With the possibility of 2 new jack-up Peter Godovanets and independence, which are made available to Chornomornaftohaz are directly related to plans to significantly increase production natural gas in the Black and Azov seas and reduce Ukraine's dependence on imported energy.

Fleet TechnologyChornomornaftohazincludes more than 20 pieces of boats, including 12 vessels large and unique, including derrick barges, supply vessels, rescue, firefighting, diving and other vessels.

A significant part of the ships main purpose built abroad (Finland, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia).

Office of the ships operating in the freight abroad under contracts with foreign firms (cabinet installation vessel Titan and AHTS vessel Atrek) and have a good reputation among customers.

Chernomorneftegazcontinues to implement a large-scale program to modernize and upgrade its production facilities to increase production of hydrocarbons in the Black and Azov Seas.

Recall that on 3 October 2012,New projects of technological fleet of shipswere presented to the experts of the RussianKrylovskogo State Scientific Center(Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute) as part of the third international conference on the development of ports and shipping.

DevelopmentOdessa depositsin conjunction with the Nameless will be the basis for performanceChornomornaftohazprogram to a threefold increase in production — from 1.05 billion m3 in 2011 to 3 billion m3 in 2015.

Odessa deposithas reserves of 21 billion m3 of gas and is the largest open Chornomornaftohaz mine in the Black Sea.

It has been explored in the 80's of the 20th century, and is only now settling down.

September 5, 2012 g in the central control roomODEUkrtransgazaB.Yanukovychgave the command to start gasOdessa natural gas fieldon the shelf of the Black Sea,Peter is running a jack-up Godovanets Chornomornaftohaz.

Thus, the most powerful in the Black SeaJack-Up Peter leads Godovanets development drilling Platform BK-1 from the 1 st June 2012

The second jack-up rigIndependence will begin work in early 2013
Continuation of the arrangementOdessa and Nameless depositswith 2 modern jack-up will get a deposits more than 600 million m3 in 2013 g, and from 2014 to reach the level of production in the oil fields more than 1 billion m3 per year of gas.

This will be an important stage of theChornomornaftohazprogram 3-fold increase in production natural gas — From 1.05 billion m3 in 2011 to 3 billion m3 in 2015

Moreover, the earlier programChernomorneftegazandassumed a 2-fold increase in gas2015

On the supply Jack-Up associated with a number of curious facts that caused the confusion of the Latvian police.

October 17, 2011 Mr.Rigas Kugu Buvetava (Riga shipyard)won the tenderChornomornaftohazthe purchase of jack-up rig for operations in the Black Sea.

At the signing procedure attended by the Minister of Economy of Latvia D. Pavluts, then headNaftogazE.Bakulin,
headRiga ShipyardV.Melnikov.

Why for deliveryJack-Up Ukraine was involved in the Highway Investment Processing, although teneder wonRiga Shipyard?

For the curious recall that the company Highway Investment Processing LLP (Wales) is located in a hardware store.

In December 2012, in Latvia were arrested Account Highway Investments Processing LLP, which, according to the police, soldChernomorneftegazSFDR at an inflated price.

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