Ukraine closer to the mass production of the An-70

GP Antonov completed the assembly of the fuselage of the first production copy of the An-70. With the progress of work on the construction of a military transport aircraft today inspected the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Recall the An-70 — is a military transport aircraft, which is being built for the Ministry of Defence. Work on the development of the airplane took place from the mid 80s of last century.

The aircraft was launched Kiev Aviation Plant AVIANT commissioned by the Ministry of Defense in the amount of two units. The project cost is estimated at $ 1.5 billion in the first quarter of 2013 Antonov aircraft prepares to test together with representatives of Russia.

In general, the completion of the An-70 is expected in May 2013. Global demand aircraft of this class is estimated at about 700 units. The main competitor of the An-70 is a development of the European consortium EADS — A400M aircraft. But, according to Ukrainian designers, domestic airplane is cheaper and more suited to harsh environments.

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