Ukraine could annually produce about 40 million made bioethanol — Ministry of Agrarian Policy

Ukraine could annually produce about 40 million made bioethanol, predicts Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Oleksandr Sen.

"Resource our distilleries can produce about 60 million made alcohol, of which one-third of traditional use and two-thirds for the production of bioethanol," — he said during the International form on bioenergy in Kyiv on Thursday. 

According A.Sen, ethanol production is the only way to stabilize the operation of the alcohol industry and the resumption of production of beet.

In turn, the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Gregory Kalyetnik noted that through the use of bioenergy potential can cover 80% of the needs of the Ukrainian automotive fuels.

"Scientists estimate the biomass from 10 million hectares of Ukraine provides the ability to completely remove the problem of oil imports … Ukraine consumes about 11 million tons of gasoline and diesel fuel. Of these, about 80% may be replaced by biofuels," — he said.

According to G.Kaletnika, overall biomass, agricultural waste can cover the needs of 13% of primary energy in Ukraine.

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