Ukraine has built a floating dock for Croatia worth 80 million USD

Kherson State Plant "Pallada", which is part of the "Ukroboronproma", May 22, passed ship-repair yards from Croatia floating dock worth 80 million USD. The press-service of "Ukroboronproma."

According to the report, an order for construction was obtained in 2011 Lifetime dock — 50 years, the lift — 8.5 thousand tons, weight — about 9.5 tons, length — 155 m, width — about 34 m, depth — 12 m

"Floating composite reinforced concrete yet started at Kherson State Plant" Pallada ", successfully operating in countries with different climatic conditions. Among the customers of these docks — traditionally a country with developed shipbuilding: Russia, Japan, South Korea, Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Algeria," — According to the press service said.

As the Deputy Director General of "Ukroboronproma" Paul BUKIN, cooperation with European customers are proof of the high professionalism of Ukrainian shipbuilders.

Also, in his opinion, today's descent dock on the water is an important step in establishing a new format of cooperation shipbuilding enterprises of Ukraine, which are part of state concern.


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