Ukraine has started construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel

Ukraine has started construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel in the village of Smolino Kirovograd region, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Edward Stavitskiy. The Minister said that work on the construction site began on September 9.


Recall State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Central Service building expertise" (GP Ukrgosstroyekspertiza) in late Augustapproved a total estimated cost ofpreparatory works for the construction of the plant for the production of nuclear fuel of $ 51.9 million hryvnias.

According to the positive conclusion of the examination, the preparatory work for the construction of the plant will last up to 6.5 months reported Delo.UA in the Ukrainian representative office of the initiator of the project — the Russian state company "Rosatom".

The list of preparatory work included the device infrastructure around the site, and construction of temporary facilities for the installation of plant designs.

As the Senior Vice President, Commercial and International Cooperation of the fuel company "fuel elements" (part of the fuel division of "Rosatom") Vasily Konstantinov, the general contractor will be selected shortly and work will begin in early September.

Vasily Konstantinov also recalled that before the end of August to begin corporate procedures for inclusion in the authorized capital of the plant through an additional issue of $ 84 million "fuel elements" is the second largest shareholder of the company and is fully prepared for funds in the amount and timing of previously defined. We are confident that the Ukrainian shareholder resolve all open questions for today to make money before the end of the year, "- he added.

Recall that in July, the Russian Fuel Company "fuel elements" and the Ukrainian state concern "Nuclear Fuel"completed the design of a joint venture— "Plant for the production of nuclear fuel" (registered in the form of PJSC; Ukrainian side belongs to him 50% +1 share) in Smolino Kirovograd region. Preparatory work for construction to begin in August or September 2013.

The design capacity of the plant — 800 fuel fuel assemblies (FA) per year, or 400 tons of the uranium equivalent, which is higher than the annual consumption of fuel Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPP) of 37.5%. The cost of its construction in the "Rosatom" is estimated at $ 300-400 million, investments will be made in accordance with the distribution of shares of PJSC owners. First of all enterprises will be put into operation in 2015, the second — in 2020. One of the conditions of construction is a commitment "Energoatom" buy back about 500 fuel assemblies per year, this corresponds to the current consumption of Russian nuclear fuel Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

The Russian state-owned corporation said in particular that the general designer — Ukrainian NIPII industrial technology — the design documentation sent to the customer — in fact JSC "Plant for the production of nuclear fuel." State examination results are expected by November 2013.

The technological equipment of the plant will provide the Russian and German companies.

Non-standard equipment for the enterprise is made at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (controlled "fuel elements"), and its degree of readiness for today is about 75%. Standardized equipment ordered by the German company Kuka and Nukem. Also, the company will supply Nukem reprocessing of liquid and solid radioactive waste.

Prior to 2011, all nuclear fuel supplied to Ukraine from Russia by "fuel elements". In 2011, the supply of its fuel assemblies in the country began transnational Westinghouse Electric Company. Under the contract, Westinghouse will deliver at least 630 fuel assemblies in 2011-2015 for the phased replacement of Russian fuel for at least three units of nuclear reactors VVER-1000 series (rated power capacity of 1,000 MW).

In general, for the moment Ukrainian nuclear fuel market is almost totally dependent on Russian supplier. According to the Ukrainian State Statistics, "Energoatom" purchased in 2012 fresh nuclear fuel at $ 600 million, with the amount of fuel supply for Ukrainian nuclear power plants by the Russian "fuel elements" in terms of money last year was $ 555 million, or 92.5% of total the amount of such purchases. Westinghouse for the same period sold "Energoatom" the same fuel at $ 45 million

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