Ukraine has supplied about 14 universal tank trucks in Azerbaijan

According to the report the State Service of Ukraine on export controls in Azerbaijan in 2012 was delivered 14 multi-purpose tractors BTS-5B of SE "Lviv armored plant."


Versatile multi-purpose tractor BTS-5B is designed for technical support tank units and parts of the rescue, towing damaged vehicles, transportation of spare parts and tools.

Created BTS-5B at Lviv armored repair plant (BTRZ). BTRZ Lviv carrying out major repairs of tanks, tank trucks, engineering machinery, manufactures products for the national economy. Since the base of the plant mastered the repair and modernization of the 29 types of tanks and self-propelled guns, manufacturing 20 types of armored tracked vehicles for special purposes on the bases of the tanks.

In terms of features and equipment BTS-5B is similar to ARV-1. Unlike the latter, produced in factories using overhaul chassis of the T-72A admitted to overhaul.

By passing Azerbaijan, tractors BTS-5B delivered to Iraq and some African countries.

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