Ukraine in talks with Russia on the management of the GTS without the EU

Last week, negotiations on the establishment of a bilateral Russian consortium to manage the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS). Thus, Ukraine offers Russia to manage its "pipeline" without the EU. Sources in the Ministry of Energy explain this tighter credit conditions for the modernization of the GTS from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the passive position of the EU on the issue of gas supplies from Europe, writes Kommersant-Ukraine Article "Pipe for two".

According to a source in "Gazprom", the Ukrainian side demands from the Russian Federation to the future consortium was set up on a parity basis and "Gazprom" is not owned, but only managed to TCU.

"We were told that the contract should be fixed principle that we must carry at least 60 billion cubic meters of gas per year and is guaranteed to pay for transit services in the amount of $ 2.2 billion," — said the source.

The source noted that the parties have discussed whether the principle applied ship-or-pay (or pay Supplied), as well as the possible failure of the Ukrainian side of the principle of equal access to the gas transportation system that is embedded in its agreement with the Energy Community (EC).

Russia also insists that decide how and whose gas will be pumped, it should be the future of the consortium.

The price of gas for Ukraine should be thus reduced to $ 280 per thousand cubic meters.

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