Ukraine increased electricity exports by 25%

Ukraine in January-March 2013 increased the export of electricity compared to the same period of 2012 by 24.5% — up to 2.275 billion kW / h

About this UNIAN reported in the press service of the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

According to the report, electricity exports in March 2013 increased compared to the same month in 2012 by 5.4% — up to 0.839 billion kW / h

As UNIAN reported earlier,Ukraine up to 2012 in terms of money of electricity exported to the EU, Moldova and Belarus 574,819,000 USD

Electricity exports to Belarus for 2012 amounted to 231,442,000 dollars, in Hungary — 224,251,000 dollars, in Moldova — 52,737,000 dollars, in other countries — U.S. $ 66,389,000 


UNIAN reference.Since 2010, Ukraine has moved to a new model of organization of export supplies of electricity, according to which market participants acquire at auction operator backbone "Ukrenergo 'access to cross-border transmission lines that are subject to export.

"Ukrenergo" and operates a mainline interstate transmission lines, as well as a centralized dispatch of United Energy System of the country. "UkrEnergo" is a state-owned enterprise, is subordinate to the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

According to the results of the annual auction for the right to export electricity in 2012, the energy holding DTEK has held a dominant position in the direction of the Eastern European (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Poland).

Of "Power Trade" and "Eastenergo" within the structure of DTEK, acquired during the 2012 access to interstate transmission lines of varying capacity to destinations in Russia and Moldova to export electricity.

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