Ukraine is held in the top 10 global steel producers

Ukraine on the results of metallurgical enterprises in August 2013 increased steel production by 4.1% compared to August 2012 and finished in ninth place in the ranking of 64 countries — the world's major manufacturers of this product, compiled by the World Steel Association (Worldsteel).

 The growth in August was recorded in four of the top ten countries — China, India, Brazil and Ukraine.

The top ten producing countries have up to August 2013 is as follows:
China — 66.277 million tons, an increase of 12.8%;
Japan — 9,149,000 tons, a drop of 0.6%
USA — 7,402,000 tons, a drop of 2.9%
India — 6,640 million tons, an increase of 0.9%;
Russia — 5,795,000 tons, a drop of 1.9%
South Korea — 4,892,000 tons, a drop of 13.1%
Germany — 3,158,000 tons, a drop of 6.3%
Brazil — 3,002,000 tons, an increase of 4.6%;
Ukraine — 2.779 million tons, an increase of 4.1%
Turkey — 2,575,000 tons, a drop of 15.4%.

In general, in August of this year, 64 countries have produced 130,352,000 tons of steel, which is 5.2% more than in August of last year. In the first eight months of the 2013th the same countries smelted 1,000,000,000 50,708,000 tons of steel — 2.3% more than in January-August 2012. Ukraine is estimated to Worldsteel, for these months has released 22,292,000 tons of steel (a drop of 0.6% year-on-year), closing an eight top-10 ranking of the association.

In 2012, 62 countries collectively produced 1,000,000,000 517,945,000 tons of steel output increased by 1.2% compared with 2011. At the end of last year, our country has remained in the top ten world producers of steel — the last place ranking Worldsteel.

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