Ukraine ranked 42 in the ranking of innovation

In the ranking of the 50 most innovative countries in the world, compiled by Bloomberg, Ukraine was placed on the 42 position. On the 41st position was Greece, on the 43rd — Bulgaria.

Ratings were based on several factors: the concentration of high-tech industry and labor productivity, the level of education and patenting activity.

By the level of research intensity Ukraine got 37th place, and productivity — 69, the concentration of high-tech — 47, the number of scientists — 39, industry performance — 34, education — 6, and patent activity — 17.

The first took place in the rating of the United States, the second — South Korea, the third — Germany. Five leaders in innovation closes Sweden.

Among the other countries of the former Soviet Union Russia — 14th place, Estonia — 30, Lithuania — 33, Latvia — 44, Belarus — 49.

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