Ukraine returns to Russia’s TB vaccine BCG

In the next few days will arrive in Ukraine 1.8 million doses of BCG tuberculosis vaccine from Russia, so the problem of a shortage of the vaccine will be solved.

This was announced by Chief Specialist of the prevention of infectious diseases of public health management of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Sergey Platov during a press conference in Kiev, the correspondent GolosUA.

According to him, this year Ukraine will be provided by BCG TB vaccine is 100%.



S. Platov told that this was possible after one of the Russian manufacturers won the tender competition.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Health, the vaccine will cost the Russian state budget of 1.08 USD. per dose.

"And, for example, the Danish vaccine, which we bought earlier, is on 16.90 (per dose — Ed.). Because of the high prices we can only provide 70% of the need for a vaccine … ", — he said.

Thus S. Platov noted that the purchase of such Ukrainian budget will be able to save more than 22 million USD.

The representative of the Ministry of Health added that Ukrainians should not worry about the quality of Russian vaccine, purchased only as good vaccine. And no vaccine that has not passed quality control, can not be used, said S. Platov.

According to him, the BCG vaccine passes this inspection for 75 days. And only after that it or allow or prohibit use.

At the same time, with regard to maternity hospitals, then, according to S. Platov, all the institutions of the country is fully secured with BCG vaccine.

Thus S. Platov noted that according to the new immunization schedule, vaccination against tuberculosis will not do children in 14 years. That is, the two remain mandatory vaccination of BCG — on the third day after birth and at age 7.

In turn, infectious disease physician immunologist Natalia Vinnik stressed that in recent years the situation with TB is very worrying.

According to her, the incidence rate in the country is several times higher than in Europe.

"We have an average of 73 cases of the disease in recent years to 100,000 people" — she said. And noted that in Europe the figure is just over 9 cases per 100,000 population.

N. Winnick added that completely abandon vaccination impossible. As in the case of tuberculosis, the consequences can be very serious.

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