Ukrainian-Arab ADCOM Systems UAV at MAKS-2013

Our blog isreportedof circulating information about the fact that the Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the party of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) United Block 40 version 5 of the development of the local ADCOM Systems (in fact, as can be seen gliders data sets, as well as other unmanned systems ADCOM Systems, developed with the active participation of specialists from the Kharkov Aviation Institute).…T/2011/AKTT611/Vartan.pdf 


An indirect confirmation of the possibility of the emergence of UAVs United 40 ADCOM Systems in Russia was the sudden their demonstration in the exhibition MAKS-2013. The sample unit United 40 exhibited by the two suspended developed by the same ADCOM Systems guided missiles "air-to-surface" Yabhon-Namrod. In addition, at the MAKS-2013 is a sample of jet unmanned target ADCOM Systems Yabhon-HMD.

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