Ukrainian armor tank MBT unique in the world can resist the Russian RPG-30 grenade launcher

To date, only armor tank MBT-m may oppose the Russian tandem RPG-30.

Armor tank "Hold! — Special, two-layer. It can withstand the cumulative ammunition tandem and until almost the only one of its kind that can protect the tank from noveshey Russian design — anti granotometa which fires two grenades ha one another at one point (WGS-30).

The first is the detonation of explosive reactive armor, and the second hit a defenseless armor. Against such a double blow powerless American tank "Abrams" and izraiskaya "Merkava" who single-layer armor.

Dynamic protection 'Doublet' designed to protect military vehicles and stationary objects of rocket-propelled grenades, including a tandem warhead, the cumulative Artillery shells of caliber up to 125 mm armor-piercing projectiles, ammunition type of self-assembled shock core.

Shared Protection "Doublet 'may be used as a built-in protection in the form of modules mounted tanks for protection and for protection of light carriers. In the event that a vehicle equipped with a TCP blocks DZ 'Doublet' main armor breaks are excluded. Installing DZ 'Doublet' increases security vehicle in 2-3 raza.Moduli DZ 'Doublet' represent a folding design, with established within UKZ. Depending on the installation location (board, tower, VFD) modules are installed in a special cell.

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