Ukrainian armored personnel carrier Watch-B started to produce in Poland

"The military informant" reports that in the latest issue of the Polish magazine "Report" appeared interesting material on cooperation in Poland and Ukraine in the field of armored vehicles.

The article says that one of the surprises of the forthcoming exhibition will MSPO kind APC "Watch-B" KMDB own initiative.

In this surprise is not in the machine, which is nothing extraordinary in itself is not, but the fact that it is made in the company Mista from Stalowa Wola. Mista firm specialized in machines for excavation and was not engaged in the manufacture of armored vehicles.

From the article, however, is not clear, made on photo machine at the factory or company Mista first sample still represented Ukrainian KMDB. Apparently the first sample still Kharkov production. Probably the interest of Poland to the Kharkov armored personnel associated with programs to replace obsolete BRDM-2 vehicle "Honker".

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