Ukrainian brand has won the gold in the U.S.!

High quality Ukrainian spirits noted abroad. So, the judges of the American Tasting Competition "Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards 2013" awarded Ukrainian alcohol brand gold medal.

The competition of elite alcoholic beverages in California traditionally determines the best among the producers of alcoholic beverages in the world. This is not surprising, since the Beverly Hills — one of the most prestigious places in the world — here are the best restaurants, bars, hotels and shops. It is in Beverly Hills each year are tasting elite alcohol. Eminent jury members, including journalists, restaurateurs, bartenders and critics classify alcoholic drinks categories and select the best. Traditionally, wine beverages is carried out in several stages in the trendy drinking establishments in Beverly Hills. Each stage of the competition ensures the objectivity and independence of the results. 


Drinks are evaluated on a 100-point scale on several characteristics — appearance, level of protection, the design of the bottle, etc. Palatability was assessed by "blind tasting", ie while the taster does not know the name of the drink, which he estimates. This allows for independent evaluation. The results are then summed for each characteristic and judges determine the favorites of the competition. This year, the drinks are priced about twenty prestigious world-class judges.

The winners by category were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. The world's largest alcohol producers competed for the title of the best. Ukrainian vodka "Mrnaya Ancient Kiev", won the highest award — the gold medal.

"Vodka "Mrnaya. Ancient Kiev" We produce more than a decade, — said the chief engineer "of the Crimean vodka company" Sergey Grigorenko, — sbut this time, our drink has won many gold medals at international competitions and each new medal is important to us — because it shows us that we keep the bar high production horizons and supporters of our brand grow!. "Recall that in 2013, TM" Mrnaya "entered the top ten of the prestigious international club Drinks International Millionaires The Drinks International Millionaires Club with sales of 2.1 million cases. Study identifies the major players in the global alcohol market. Participants rankings can become producers spirits with annual sales between $ 1 million and more cases (1 case = 9 liters).

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