Ukrainian BTR-7 was successfully tested in the UAE

Designed and manufactured by GP "Nicholas repair-mechanical plant" prototype of the BTR-7 in the tender for the purchase of equipment for the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates, has successfully passed the test in the UAE, having passed through the desert 3,000 km without a single failure. This is the director GP NRMZ Alexander Shvets.


A.Shvets noted that the APC-7 is not inferior to their foreign competitors, and on parameters such as reliability and survivability, surpassed them. Ukrainian armored personnel performed well not only in the sands of the desert, but in the mountains, and also in overcoming water obstacles.

Revised BTR-7 will continue to participate in the competition. In this case, the customer will sponsor during the finishing machine according to the results of previous tests. The winner of the tender will get a contract for the supply of 600 combat vehicles. The main contender for victory, according A.Shvetsa remains GP NRMZ.

APC-7 provides a high degree of protection for the crew and troops from small arms and has a reinforced anti-mine protection class 3A and 3B, which guarantees the safety of people in suicide car on a mine weighing up to 8 kg. At the request of the representatives of the UAE Armed Forces plans to establish an APC-7 30-mm gun and equip it with an unmanned aerial vehicle, capable of conducting reconnaissance in the radius of 20 km.

Armored vehicle equipped with a diesel engine IVECO, which provides a maximum speed of up to 100 km / h and fuel consumption of no more than 19 liters per 100 km.

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