Ukrainian installers took part in the construction of the plant for the production of melamine


Melamine is a valuable raw material for the manufacture of plastics, paints, adhesives, and is indispensable in the paint and Woodworking Industry. Now Russia imported 35,000 tons of melamine, while the cost per ton of product — more than two thousand dollars. Plant Nevinnomyssk from March next year, will produce 50,000 tons of melamine, making Russia and CIS completely get rid of its imports. The total investment in the project — 8.8 billion rubles (About 2.2 billion hryvnia).

"Uzhteploenergomontazh" carries out the following work on the installation setup for the production of melamine of "Nevinnomysskiy Nitrogen":
installation of metal;
installation of main and auxiliary equipment;
installation of high-pressure pipelines.

The Finnish company Ruukki fabricated steel structures for the construction of Russia's first plant for the production of melamine capacity of 50,000 tons per year. The company delivered 15 skeletons of buildings on the plant "Nevinnomysskiy Nitrogen", from March 2012 to begin production of melamine. The factory is located in Nevinnomyssk in the Stavropol region and belongs to the company "Evrohim."

Construction of plants for the production of melamine in Nevinnomyssk began in 2009. During this time, Ruukki delivered to the plant 15 skeletons of buildings. Among them — the evaporation plant of urea (the main component of melamine), outdoor equipment steam and condensate system and building a warehouse of finished products. The total weight of the set of structures was 1,500 tons. All of them were manufactured in the factory in the city of Ruukki Balabanovo Kaluga region according to the drawings of the design institute "NIIK."

For the introduction to "Nevinnomysskiy Ashdod," was chosen the most advanced and secure technology for melamine. They will increase the production capacity of the plant and at the same time reduce the total amount of pollutant emissions.

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