Ukrainian scientists are unique operations on bones and aortas

For the first time in the country girl from Chernovtsy had prosthetic bone removal.

Kiev — June 21, AIF Ukraine.The capital oncosurgeons conducted a unique operation, withdrawing from the girl's body, the patient's sarcoma, the leg bones of the pelvis and a half. Instead, she found prostheses. Now a resident of Chernivtsi is recovering and hopes to get a job caregiver. 

The patient said she would never have agreed to the removal of malignant tumors with the foot. But oncologists told her that bone sarcoma can be cured only by removing them. All other methods of ending the return of the disease.

Unique 3D-model of the pelvic bone girls booked in Germany, manufactured in the same prosthesis cost about 100 thousand hryvnia. The money for it was collected with the help of charity. A very operation in Kiev Cancer Center doctors performed free of charge.

The surgeon who did the operation, admits, would never have ventured into this if the hospital had no special device that stops the strongest bleeding. Now doctors say that such operations will soon become commonplace in Ukraine.

Another unique operation was conducted by specialists of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. Amoz. They set up an individual prosthesis into the aorta 25-year-old Marina, while not cutting the chest. In a world of such operations have counted as many as 60, in Ukraine — this was the first.

The woman is actually ten years was observed in cardiac surgeons, led an extremely passive life. She could not make any sudden movements, lift bags of groceries. This would lead to its immediate death.

Later aorta started to delaminate. Require urgent surgical intervention. Usually in such cases a open heart surgery to stop him and use of cardiopulmonary bypass. But after such a patient requires a year-long rehabilitation. Therefore, doctors ordered for girls individual prosthesis on CT scans. Two months later, he was brought to Ukraine from the United States.

"The operation at the marina was technically difficult because of the unusual anatomy of its vessels, — says one of the participants in the operation, the surgeon clinic AMOSOVA Bogdan scoop. — The girl found the prosthesis through the femoral artery, without cutting the chest while retaining all the shoulder-head vessels and without heart failure. The operation lasted three hours. Predictions for the future of Marina excellent in a month she must return to a normal life, and six months can do whatever he wants. Even to conceive and give birth to a long-awaited child, both dreamed of. "

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