Ukrainian scientists have developed a training program on the body


At the joint meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Academy of Medical Sciences and the Academic Council of the Vinnitsa National Medical University named after NI Pirogov, which took place on 1 June, chaired by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyryova was presented a unique computer model of the human life — virtual patient "SKIF".


This computer program, to develop a for fifteen years as a staff team of Vinnitsa National Medical University. Pirogov, headed by the Hero of Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Vasily Moroz should be a breakthrough in the national medical education and research.

Speaking at the meeting, the Minister of Health of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyreva system called "SKIF" outstanding scientific achievement, which demonstrates a revolutionary approach to understanding the mechanisms of the human body from a single cell and ending with the organs and systems of the human body in their close collaboration, as well as in cooperation with the environment.

"What we have seen is, without exaggeration, is impressive. This is a totally new view of man from the point of view of the great science that can be the basis for a new scientific field," — said the Minister, welcoming the research team of the Vinnitsa National Medical University named after Nikolai Pirogov.

According to Raisa Bogatyryova, doctors and biologists have a versatile tool that allows a whole new level to explore, understand and learn the mechanisms of the body healthy person, and that is extremely important — the pathogenetic mechanisms of various pathological conditions.

Unique domestic computer system "SKIF", according to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, allows an order to raise the level of mastery of skills by practitioners because it provides an opportunity to many times to simulate a variety of pathological conditions, be used to correct them drugs, watching their farmakonetikoyu and farmadinamokoy and other treatments.

This breakthrough scientific development, said Raisa Bogatyreva should become a strong base of educational training centers of higher education institutions for the training and professional development for undergraduate level, medical interns and students in institutions of different types of postgraduate education of general practitioners — family physicians centers of primary health training for practical training.

"I'm sure that the scientific medical innovation will find widespread adoption in scientific research in medicine, pharmacology, biology, and our foreign research centers, and will also contribute to the promotion of Ukraine in the international educational and scientific space," — said the Minister.

Raisa Bogatyrev invited academician Claus to bring the system of "SKIF" to the level of implementation in practical medicine and at the international level to protect this national treasure as a scientific intellectual property of our state.
Being in the winery, the Minister of Health of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyreva also got acquainted with the work of the Regional Center for Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medicine and discussed with doctors Vinnitchina current issues of development and reform of the national health system.
A computer model of the human life — the virtual patient "SKIF" best reflects the natural mechanisms and processes that occur in the human body under normal and pathological conditions. The model of hundreds of thousands of physiological, biochemical, biophysical parameters, the algorithm of the operation and interaction of cells, organs, and systems of the body as a whole. On this basis, modulated by a variety of pathological conditions, we study the effectiveness of the treatment and its correction. It provides a unique opportunity to simultaneously observe the processes that occur in any system in the body, and their reaction to various internal and external changes, the mechanisms of regulation of their activities.
A huge amount of information (physiological, biophysical, biochemical) computer model "SKIF", including the composition of the protoplasm of the cells and the intercellular fluid, the structure of the cell membrane to ion channels, the work of K + and Na + pump, the structure of all the organs and the relationships between them, all existing metabolites, enzymes, gases, salt, water, blood cells, modeled processes in the arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins, the generation of ATP is necessary for the life of a system of biochemical reactions of the Krebs cycle, etc.
The entire methodology of calculation algorithms presented data sets is an absolute Ukrainian know-how

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