Ukrainian scientists have invented a method of bloodless operations without anesthesia

In this video the experimental rats in surgery — a broken leg is inserted into the pin. But during the autopsy there is no blood. Ukrainian scientists Sergey Melnychuk and Gennady Knyshev developed a method by which an animal can enter a state of hibernation during surgery without the use of anesthesia. In this case, all the processes are slowed down body. Thus, the cuts obtained almost bloodless. 

[Sergei Melnychuk, Doctor of Biological Sciences]
"When there is a surgical procedure, it is comparable with the work on the dead body — there's no blood."

After the wound stitched up, the rat regained consciousness and, as if nothing had happened, ran around the cage. Scientists have conducted many such operations in other animals. After more complex medical interventions they feel great.

The researchers assert that this effect can be achieved in humans. By introducing them to the state hypobiosis — lowering activity. Sergei Melnychuk spied this method in animals.

[Sergei Melnychuk, Doctor of Biological Sciences]
"Before you fall into this state, they create for themselves confined conditions: burrow, the entrance of which clog the ground. Den, mud, slime that covers the body. This creates conditions where the concentration of carbon dioxide higher than a normal natural normal condition ".

The essence of the method of artificial deep sleep — the saturation of the body with carbon dioxide, along with a decrease in body temperature. As a result, all metabolic processes stop, the animal falls into a kind of economy mode. For a person such a state akin to the liturgical sleep.

[Sergei Melnychuk, Doctor of Biological Sciences]
"We have to slow down the metabolic processes in the body that lead to the fact that the consumption of nutrients, energy substances is much slower. And the body, with one reserve, can use it for much longer. "

Scientists say if a method to work on the man, it will become possible operation without chemical anesthesia and without loss of blood. However, while the introduction of people into a state hypobiosis when the body does not feel anything, not yet solved.

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