Ukrainian scientists have invented an anti-drug hemp

In a special technical grade no psychoactive substances Scientists Bast Crops Experiment Station of the NAS of Ukraine proposed to deal with drug use cannabis by her brother — also cannabis. Only technical. In the early 80's have banned the cultivation of cannabis worldwide. But in the Soviet Union went the other way and decided to finalize the export culture — to bring low-grade substance (such hemp is used for peaceful purposes — from her make paper, textiles, oil).


As a result, Ukrainian scientists have achieved such impressive results that the people of Amsterdam dubbed their main enemies "light" drugs.

"In our new varieties of" technical "plant substance content equivalent to almost zero, and for cross-pollination makes it unsuitable for any other drug markets hemp, which grows within a radius of a few kilometers," — said the director of the Experimental Station was cutting Gilyazetdinov. He believes that in the growing regions "fool" the seeds of industrial hemp can be dissipated from the air, "They will sprout, and eventually the whole cannabis in the area will turn into a technical". However, as this method quickly neutralize the hemp fields, a scientist can not say: "The experiments yielded results. However, to develop the technology needed target international program. That's why we took the initiative, which is now seen in the United Nations. "

The idea came to mind of scientists and police. "In the Sumy region, where they grow industrial hemp, drug addicts do not go!" — Told us in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. At the same time, according to the Ukrainian movement against drug addiction and drug-related corruption in Ukraine annually produce 150 tons narkonopli from which will last for 150 million doses (to the people — "stocks").

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