Ukrainian seed vessel entering the market of biofuels the EU

August 25 this year, the State Food and Grain Corporation (GPZKU) received permission for the supply of raw materials for boitopliva in the EU.

As theUNIAN, certificate and registration number of the International System software stability bioenergy RBSA will enable the company to supply organic raw materials for biofuels in the European Union.

   According to the head of government GPZKU Igor Jakubowicz, the ability to go out and market syrya for EU biofuels have a positive impact on the financial position, as well as the company's image.

"The market is certified raw material for biofuel production is quite limited and it runs a relatively small number of companies. Thus, having access to this market, GPZKU was able to export their products in the best conditions and at higher prices. Of course, this will increase the export potential and improve the economic performance of the state corporation ", — said Yakubovich.

Reference: State Food Grain Corporation (GPZKU) — a vertically integrated company which embodies the whole cycle of works with grain and by-products from production to export.

The structure consists of 44 enterprises GPZKU on the Rights of the separate divisions, subsidiaries, and their total operating capacity of 3,461,000 tons, including total capacity for handling the export ports of Odessa and Nikolaev — 2,380 million tons of grain per year.

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