Ukrainian student has invented a unique brace for people with a bad back

A graduate of NTU "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" Denis Negreba won an international student competition and a six-month internship at one of the companies in the UK, providing 3D-model of the unique orthopedic corset.  The know-how of Kharkiv is that ordinary tightening belt, which is worn in diseases of the spine, he equipped the paraboloid springs by which the corset is a dynamic, does not restrict movement, and even adapts to a person's actions.

"Our university is collaborating with the Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology Sitenko name, so that in the framework of the joint project of the year and a half ago, my supervisor asked me an interesting modeling work in the field of orthopedics. Since I had not studied medicine, I had to work with the special literature in the library. After that was able to chart the load on the lumbar and calculate how much effort it would take to compensate for them, "- recalls the start of Denis Negreba. It was found that existing corsets insufficiently effective in the treatment and prevention sciatica, sciatica, lordosis and many other diseases due to the fact that even with a small pressing force deflection of the spine reduced. "But paraboloid springs close to the body and is very compact when compressed. They are often used in the manufacture of mattresses, but for some reason no one else has thought to combine the corset and these springs "- explains the inventor. After the trial, "mattress" of back pain was ready to test it on a patient who was suffering from degenerative disc disease of the lumbar. According to Denis Negrebov, his invention did help a person relax and partially improved the condition of his health. But to run it in production will only be possible after obtaining a patent, the application for which has already been sent, and the number of years of operational tests.

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