Ukrainian tractor manufacturer of space launch

Versatility YUZHMASH possible to produce products for the defense and aerospace industries, as well as for agricultural farms.


By implementing a policy of improvement and innovation, the company producing the most advanced space launch systems and continues to create new technologies and expand the range of products.

So YUZHMASH may submit Tractor YuMZ 8244.2M general-purpose 80 hp the front axle beam type of Italian company "Carraro" — a world leader in the design and manufacture of axles and transmissions for tractors, road-building machinery and vehicles, loading equipment.

Technical features of the model: — reinforced

— enhanced mechanism hydraulic mounting system;
— Automatic unified transfer case PVM;
— polurama reinforced with an increased margin of safety the main gear;
— operating speed — from 1.62 to 11.57 km / h travel speed — up to 35.33 km / h;
— Increased capacity with permissible front axle load up to 2 tons

Scope: — agriculture;
— utilities;
— forestry;
— construction;
— industry.

Can be installed on the tractor special purpose equipment with replaceable working bodies makes it a versatile road-building and earth-moving machine as excavators, bulldozers, loaders.

Tractors UMZ can be used in areas with temperate and tropical climates.

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