Ukrainian weapons systems stabilize some of the best in Eastern Europe

"Scientific and Production Association" "Kiev factory automation them. GI Petrovsky" "" produces some of the most reliable and advanced systems stabilize the weapons and equipment for armored vehicles.


"Scientific and Production Association" "Kiev factory automation them. GI Petrovsky" "" produces some of the most reliable and advanced systems stabilize the weapons and equipment for armored vehicles.

The stabilizers used in weapons systems, military fire control module flurry of articles BTR-WE and BMP-1M (APC-500-ZC) and the combat units assault and Sail products ZE1 BTR and BMP-2 (APC-500-4C).

Upgraded digital stabilizers weapons IED-500-ZC YUKAI.461314.001-03 and IED-500-04-4C YUKAI.461314.001.
Stabilizers may be used for the modernization of existing and development of new light armored combat vehicles BTR, BMP, BMD, etc. Designed for stable guidance and support in the horizontal and vertical planes land, air and surface targets for effective fire from a place on the move and afloat.

Stabilizers provide operating modes:
— automatic (AUTO) for firing at ground and sea targets;
— semi-automatic (SAW) for firing at air and ground targets bystromanevriruyuschim;
— controlled (RVP) for firing anti-tank guided missiles;
— targeting (HQ) for emergency reversal on target, chosen commander;
— readiness (GTV) bringing weapons to its original state when driving on narrow trails;
— ready (HT) technology disconnection of power supply to drive the process of commissioning;
— Diagnosis (R) automatic diagnosis serviceable condition blocks stabilizers against the main modes of work;
— up-and-down (contours) contours elements of product design APCs, infantry fighting vehicles, preventing the rotation of the tower block and weapons.


-rapid retargeting tower on purpose, elected commander;

-installation modes for loading angles;

-bringing weapons and tower block to its original position.


Digital stabilizers IED-500-ZC and IED-500-4C latest generation of stabilizers are different from the VCA-500, 2E36 and 2E5 2 light armored implementation of laws to control the movement of weapons and modes of operation in a digital form using modern components and the exchange of information between the digital control units and the controls of the shooting Immunity standard digital interface.

Setting the stabilizers by the operator directly from the remote fire control without manipulation adjusting elements for control units.

Information about modes and serviceability stabilizers displayed on the digital display of the remote control in the form of a letter and number.

By optimizing the circuit-technical solutions and instrument control laws reduced composition (excluding compensation girotahometr and a separate filter unit) and reduced weight.

A stabilizer IED-500-3C includes:
— 2 girotahometra (GT46 vertical channel and GT46-01 on the horizontal line),
— digital control unit CU 1022-03;
— 2 power amplifier ECU 14-02;
— 2 motor EDM20M;
— digital controller PUOZ-05 shooting;
— device targeting the commander PTSUO 1-01;
— inverter power SP10-01;
— 2 DU04 rotation angle sensor arms in the horizontal and vertical planes;
— set of cables interconnect links.

The composition of the stabilizer APC-500-4C is different from the stabilizer APC-500-3C presence of a second fire control panel to the unit commander and the lack PTSUO 1-01, because the regime is targeting a panoramic view of the instrument, not a member of the VCA-500- 4C.

Basic technical harakteristikiDiapazon pointing angles:
in the horizontal plane — a circular rotation;
vertically from minus 7 ° to +70 °
Drive power vertical and horizontal guidance 500W
Speed of the guidance in the horizontal and vertical planes:
the maximum is not less than: — mode SAW — 35%;
— AUTO mode — 6%;
— EASY mode — 0.5%.
the minimum is not more than — in the mode of surfactant — 0.1%;
— AUTO mode — 0.07%;
— EASY mode — 0.02%.
Median error of stabilization, etc. (Minutes of arc) — not more than 1 (3.6)
Static errors in the modes, etc. (Minutes of arc), not more
GTV 25
MC 15
Harshness guidance at low speeds of 0.3, etc.
Life time:
7 years warranty
total 20 years
Weight no more than:
APC-500-3C 65kg
APC-500-4C 68kg

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