Ukrainians are preparing a new cheap mortgage

Governmental working group headed by First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov working on a new state program to provide citizens with affordable housing that will be launched in March.

This told the director of the department of debt and international financial policy of the Ministry of Finance Galina Pahachuk during the round table "The budget and banks: can the state help to resume lending?", Organized with the support of "The Mirror of the week. Ukraine ".

"If you take a few financing schemes, such as the state guarantee, a partial payment and the actual receipt of the borrower or a financial institution, then the complex work cheaper cost. Today, it is these mechanisms work enough to come out in March with a finished software product ", — she said, adding that the main operators in the new program will be the banks," in order to remove the process from the officials. "

The state program must adjust some disadvantages of last year's 3% mortgage program "Affordable Housing". Thus it will be sent including to support the import-substituting production in Ukraine.

"The projects have to be energetic, environmental, they must reduce government spending in the future, encourage the development of GDP, to create jobs. Also, the product will be designed for import substitution "- said the official.

Pahachuk told that it was intended to provide "personal" loans for 2-3 years for major renovations in terms of improving, in particular, their energy efficiency,

However, the representative of the Ministry of Finance said that the implementation of relevant projects is important not so much funding from the state, but the quality of the developed mechanisms that would ensure access to project stakeholders.

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