Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is updated UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup

Ulyanovsk automobile plant began production and sales of new versions of popular SUV UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup. Sales of new products will start from May 22 to vceh official dealerships UAZ.

Major updates to the restyled version of UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup touched the interior. Now all the family cars Patriot set a new modern instrument panel, new steering wheel. In addition, more ergonomic layout of the new interior design has allowed to place more new features.

The surface of the new instrument panel, made of soft plastic, was pleasant to the touch. Due to the design features, materials and finishes, exceptions handrail on the passenger side, reached high Traumatic. Number of parts of the new dashboard has decreased by 30% compared with the previous version, which made it possible to reduce the noise level in the cabin while driving.

The instrument cluster has acquired a modern form, but the devices are already familiar to drivers UAZ, remained at the same location. Thanks to a new four-spoke steering wheel of the famous German manufacturer Takata-Petri AG, increased safety while operating a machine, both on track and off-road. Modern 2DIN radio with USB-connector reads the information from any media, and thanks to the hands-free can still receive calls and talk on the phone without being distracted from driving.

Special attention is given new colors of the interior, which used two colors. The main color of the interior is made in black graphite, and for those individual elements, such as racks, ceiling and seats, used beige color. The seats are made in a combination of colors and modern materials with fresh, original design upholstery in a scimitar-shaped inserts.

Restyled vehicles are equipped with modern built-in heating and air conditioning of one of the leading German manufacturers of climate systems SANDEN. New remote air conditioning system controls the electric drive gates ventilation systems in contrast to the previous version with mechanical drives (cable).

Redesigned air allows for quicker and more precise control of micro-climate in the cabin, one-piece air ducts to prevent the loss of air. Moreover, the desired temperature range is now created by mixing hot and cold air flows, which eliminates thermal inertia.

In addition to the interior renovation was complete sets and replenishment. Major changes have occurred in the base version of the car Classic. Radio, power mirrors and heated, athermal glass, power windows on the front doors — now all these options are available in the basic version.

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