Ulyanovsk scientists presented a unique development in the field of safety

The integrated flight control and navigation system (IPNS) for information-control field of the cockpit of the new aircraft type — the result of joint work of experts of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University and UKBP.

The system is designed to measure the altitude and speed of the aircraft parameters that determine the spatial position in all flight modes. This information is especially valuable during takeoff and landing, when the pilot has to operate with a large amount of data. It is in these phases of flight relentless showgirl accidents.

This development will improve the ergonomics of the cockpit of aircraft, improve the efficiency of their operation, to reduce the cost of on-board equipment, introduce advanced technology and design to provide the certified and applicability in today's challenging environment of aviation traffic of small aircraft and helicopters.

The proposed IPNS for large aircraft will be back, and for helicopters and small aircraft — the main information system.

Thus, the latest development of the Ulyanovsk scientists will keep control of the aircraft, even in case of failure of all navigation systems. Within four hours of the backup system can operate in standalone mode. This time will be enough to land the plane.

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