Umba — about where amazing

Time in Umba is specified, it seems that it is mixed with the blue water of White Sea and is about to stop. Generally, about Umba write scary. Tell me honestly, how's amazing — and a crowd of people go there. And all the spoil. 

About forty percent of the population have the surname Devyatkina, and another forty percent — Podymnikovy. These — the indigenous coast dwellers living around Umba from time immemorial, it seems to cling to the roots of scarce shore of the White Sea. The remaining twenty percent — had to …

Almost the entire population, including women, can and loves to fish, so the diet umbyan strong position occupied by fresh cod and saffron cod, and with luck and even humpback salmon, the best in the whole of the northern coast (it is in August — September) .

Very soon you forget about what you are visitor. You will live for two days — and local begin with you hello. They are, incidentally, surprised his two pronounced qualities: great composure and willingness to accept you all. And you quickly get used to that, it turns out, is perfectly normal to get up in the morning and go into the forest to gather blueberries for breakfast. If it pour condensed milk, you get an awesome treat. Then explore the area: to go, for example, Umbozero, clean mirror, surrounded by fir trees eyelashes, the deepest, among other things, on the Kola coast, or the Stone "Babel" (maze) at Cape Cross Annin that in thirteen kilometers from the Umba.

Some of umbyan say with great pride, "I have comfortable housing!" And they just keep in mind that they live in the house where the heating furnace was changed to steam. And many have remained furnace, since the middle of the XIX century, when these houses were built.

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