UMMC implemented at the Kirov plant OCM new complex for the production of the most subtle hire

Ural Mining Metallurgical Company completed the creation of the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (KZOTSM, the company processing complex UMMC) Modern Casting and Rolling Complex-through technology from casting to rolling tape thickness of 25 microns (which is thinner than a human hair). UMMC investments in the project amounted to more than EUR 30 million.

The enterprise vvedenav commercial production line continuous annealing firm Otto Junker (Germany). This is the fourth and final phase of the investment program.

"For the Kirov Factory OCM to create a modern foundry-rolling complex greatly expanded the boundaries of the possible. The entire complex is capable of handling a particularly thin strip at high speeds, allowing you to produce a large number of products of the highest quality, "- said the director of KZOTSM Alexander Darenskiy.

"The plant is ready for the industrial production of metal products to any demand, not only flat, but round bars: pipes, rods and profiles. Given the rapidly growing level of technology and high quality requirements of steel, as well as a further increase in demand for these products, Kirov Factory OCM is able to further expand the range of products on the types and alloys under different demands of consumers, including individual, "- stressed the head KZOTSM.

Line Otto Junker will KZOTSM final processing to produce strips of copper, brass and bronze at the maximum mass annealed coils 5 tons. Continuous Annealing Line entered into a single system with embedded before installing the vertical continuous casting company SMS Meer (Germany), pitched Quarto 160 firm Danieli Frohling (Germany) and the cutting line of the company Burghardt + Schmidt (Germany). The annual capacity of the new complex, the creation of which KZOTSM began in 2005, 11 thousand tons of rolled steel.

It should be noted that the work on the development of high-tech products deep processing entirely responsible UMMC strategy, focused on ensuring the internal market products meet international standards, including environmental. Now KZOTSM can fully provide domestic and overseas market products whose quality of consumer properties at the level of the best foreign manufacturers. First of all, it's strips of copper and brass in different thickness range of contemporary designs for radiators.

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