UMMC is launching a new model of aircraft L-410 New Generation

JSC "Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company" (UMMC) plans to launch a model L-410 UVP E20 New Generation. Version of the New Generation will get a new wing, made partly of composites, and extra fuel tanks, which will increase the range of aircraft up to 2.4 kilometers. From the second quarter of 2013 for aircraft L-420 engine will be installed H80 Czech production plant General Electric Aviation Czech. 

In October 2012 a new engine received a Russian type certificate, in addition, he is certified EASA and FAA. By 2015, UMMC plans to increase production of aircraft L-410 UVP E20 in Czech factory Aircraft Industries (51% owned by UMMC) to 24 cars a year, the company said. Since 2008, UMMC has invested in the development of the Aircraft Industries plant more than 50 million euros. Remotorizirovanny L-410 is a twin-engine aircraft with a capacity of 15-19 passengers, able to fly a distance of 1.5 million km and develop a cruising speed of 405 km / h, has a take-off power of 800 hp, and the hourly flow of fuel is 247 kg / h  

Since the certification L-410 UVP E20:

  • In August 2009, issued 35 aircraft, more than 20 of which are delivered in Russia;
  • in 2012 it is planned to release 16 aircraft;
  • in 2013 there were specialized Russian aircraft modification that allows to convert the passenger cabin to the cargo, the medical and airborne versions — about 15-16 aircraft per year is expected to supply Russian customers.

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