Uneducated ordinary policeman can create lawlessness and lack of strength

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In Strasbourg, the European Parliament held a week of Belarus on the 90th anniversary of the BNR. It participates group of Belarusian opposition democratic politicians. Calls listeners to this event and on the anniversary celebration BNR:
Man: "The delegation of the opposition in the European Union must claim the abolition of Schengen visas for Belarusians. Indeed, for example, in Bykhaw that in Mogilev, the local executive committee opened a folder. It list of persons who are prohibited to hold engineering and management positions in the town."
Alexander: "Hunting express their worldview about the role of businessmen in a meeting on March 25. Compared with the entire amount of their business will come a few percent. It is those who himself produces something, those that serve rural people, the peasants. That is true entrepreneurs. And those who sits on the markets, has small bazaar items, they are not necessary meetings. No solidarity from their not wait. "
The U.S. State Department has published a yearly report on the state of human rights in various countries, including in Belarus. Expression this topic:
Constant listener: "The U.S. Congress has published, we again first. Foremost on violation Human Rights! That’s where the muck! No more strength to look and listen to this. Belarusian decent, moderate, great people in the first place only because 1 person . "
On the highway Minsk — Słuck drunk driver crashed into the stopped traffic police. The victims say they forbade roll in and out of cars, it was manufactured specifically. Comment listener:
Victor: "I wish to express my outlook about the case of the drivers on the highway about Slutsky Sennitsy. This is an example of how brainwashed people: ordinary uneducated policeman can create lawlessness and lack of strength, and people like sheep obediently do all the requirements. Remember the expression of Socrates" people — it is a flock of sheep. "He gives an example of how the shepherd takes the leader sheep knits to lasso the horns, attaches the saddle and crossed the river. Other rams and ewes are buried, but float in a pseudo-leader on the lasso. Here is our people. Thanks . "
At the end of the — follow-up calls:
Retired, has been deprived of the benefits:
"If you will not take anything by mouth,
Older people will play hockey.
The means by which to live,
Have a "Minsk-Arena" to bed.
In the "fathers" of our — okay,
Let them play hockey
. "
Lady: "Lady Sovereign Kozulin Yarmoshina Named" offender. "And so resoundingly said further that Kozulin verdict confirmed the Belarusian people. Yes, you are far from the incorrigibly of the Belarusian people Yarmoshina citizen. And for what you have done for him, the verdict is still ahead. Sentence for you. Thank you. "

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