Unique designs using composites in construction

The plant of the State Corporation "Rosatom" "Argon" processing of carbon fiber, which is located in the city of Balakovo, Saratov region, started a unique repair using composites based on carbon tape production RUSNANO project company "Prepreg-SKM." During the 2012 composites repaired over 30 sites across the country.

Factory "Argon" built over 30 years ago. The company is a productive asset of "Rosatom" and the management holding company "Composite". "Argon" is engaged in processing of carbon fibers, which are the basis of composite materials that are in demand in many industries: aviation, shipbuilding, nuclear power engineering, construction and others.

Overhaul of internal support structures previously on "Argon" was not performed once. The main reason — the difficulty of stopping production and evacuation of multi-ton equipment. The plant operates around the clock.

As the chief engineer of the "argon" Mikhail Goncharov, the object of repair — reinforced concrete roof slabs in the production hall, located at a height of 9 meters. As a result of corrosion of reinforcement in the slab cracks that could lead to the collapse of the roof. Traditional methods of restoration of roof slabs of concrete and metal buckles in this case were not applicable. Quite risky to lift to a height of 9 meters bulky pieces of metal without compromising the equipment shop.

The ideal solution is to use The reinforcement system (CBA) carbon ribbons FibARM.
Producer of carbon ribbons FibARM a RUSNANO project company "Prepreg-SKM", part of the holding "Composite". At the heart of CBA two components — carbon FibARM tape and a binder. The technology is designed to enhance any building structures.

The use of external reinforcement systems are not required to stop and evacuation equipment. According to Kirill Golovinand — the chief engineer of KompozitSpetsStroy, manufacturer works on the project, the repair has already started, but it did not affect the production of "Argon", which continues to operate. Lightweight carbon cloth and a binder is not difficult to raise the height of the penalty for the reinforcement of roof slabs.

According to calculations by Kirill Golovin, repair composites will last no more than one and a half months. To traditional reinforcement would have to spend at least six months. Managed to significantly save on manpower. External reinforcement carries a team of 5 people. For traditional work would take at least 15 employees.

Kirill Golovin also said that in the process of repair will be carried out unique test The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM real objects — plates overlap. During the tests will be loaded with non-enhanced and reinforced carbon ribbons slabs.

During 2012, the materials' Prepreg-SKM "has been renovated more than 30 construction projects in different regions of the country. Thus, the company has 50% of the Russian market of carbon fabrics intended for engineering applications. Among the renovated facilities, for example, the legendary Havana cinema in Moscow, where composites have also been strengthened farm and roof slabs.

Another unique project — strengthening the storage tank anti-icing agents in the Moscow region.

Winter cleaning the roadway in Moscow is not possible without the use of liquid anti-icing agents. They come in two types of liquid and solid (in the form of salt crystals). For the processing of roads mainly use liquid reagents. Their storage is specific. Traditionally, the reagents contained in metal containers. In Moscow, these tanks come in several types of 200 m3, 1000 m3,
5000 m3 and are made of steel 6 mm thick.

Harvesting anti-icing agents in Moscow starts in May. The problem is that during the filling of the tanks due to the temperature difference between the reagent and the environmental temperature is the deformation of the tank at which the metal walls may "walk" to 10 cm

Often, the agent at its distillation and delivery of foreign objects. When filling the tank they hit the wall from the inside. At the point of impact instantly formed pockets of localized corrosion, as is the active chemical reagent substance. Finally after 6-8 years containers emerge through openings, which may lead to leakage of reactant into the soil. According to the Moscow regulations such leakage is assigned to the category of emergency.

In autumn 2012 with the use of The reinforcement system (CBA) carbon ribbons FibARM Renovated metal tank of 200 m3 for storage of liquid anti-icing agents. The facility is located at the address: Moscow Region, Leninsky District, c / c Moscow, Kiev highway, 26 km away. CBA — the development of the holding company "Composite". The project was implemented by "KompozitSpetsStroy" in cooperation with GBU "Highways".

A survey in the storage tank reagents were documented numerous traces of pitting. In the preparatory phase was carried out mechanical cleaning of the reservoir tank corrosion, and then sandblasting the metal. Thereafter, the surface protective layer was applied anticorrosive coating.

The next phase — strengthening NEA. On the prepared surface of the carbon tape stuck FibARM. Enhancing carbon materials makes the metal resistant to changes in temperature and strain the body and protects from corrosion. As a result, the project budget was reduced by 46%. Performance time decreased by 40%. Labor costs was reduced by 50%. The works were carried out without the use of heavy and medium-mechanization and welding. Another important point — the use of carbon materials made it possible to extend the life of the tank for 15 years.

At the design stage, as well as the performance of work, experts TsNIISK. Kucherenko implemented strict technical supervision. As an independent expert was attracted NTP "Pipeline", which after checking the repaired tank using ultrasound, said NEA highest reliability in the amplification of such objects. CBA technology can also be used in the repair and strengthening of tanks for storage of petroleum products.

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