Unique equipment supplied to hospitals in Stavropol


Under the program of modernization of health care in the Stavropol updated regional vascular center operations have become available that previously were made only in the capital's hospitals, such as coronary artery bypass, unique equipment received a number of hospitals edge.

Today in the life of Roma is an important date — the first day of the newborn was taken off the ventilator, and he began to breathe by himself.

Instead of the 40-he was born at 28 weeks. A few years ago, say the doctors, he, like the other children in the ward, had no chance to survive. Now, in the regional perinatal center preterm babies nursed almost half term.

In the special boxes called incubators, conditions as close to the mother's womb, and on special monitors can even see a little heart beating.

And in a city hospital number 2 Stavropol are fighting for life, but adult patients. Here received a unique equipment — machine, which allows the operation of the liver, even in metastases. While such a device — the only one in the province.

"Most often it is used in the Department of Coloproctology, when patients are operated in cancer of the colon and in the presence of liver metastases. Two or three times a month, such operations are carried out" — told the STRC "Stavropol" deputy head of the hospital number 2 Stavropol Gennady Chopin.

In purulent surgery at the same hospital now receives patients with severe burns from the whole North Caucasus. Previously, such injuries they had to endure anesthesia, painful perebintovki. Now the wounds heal themselves rapidly. You just need to lie on a specially designed beds, inside which a jet of air and sand, and the outside — adjustable temperature and humidity. While these four beds for the whole region. According to the estimates of physicians in the same year are in dire need of about fifty people.

"Basically, this bed we use when patients extensive, deep burns with damage to the trunk, extremities, namely their use allows us to save lives," — says the head of the department of purulent surgery Municipal Clinical Hospital № 2 Alexander Rybalko

According to Health Minister Victor Mazharova Stavropol, to date, the Office makes every effort to fully master all the funds that have been allocated for modernization.

"That then was not ashamed of residents of the province," — says Mazharov.

Recall that only the modernization program for the years 2011-12 Stavropol region received about 10 billion rubles. To date, disbursed only 60 percent of allocated funds. The remaining forty to master by the end of the year.

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