Unique line for the destruction of chemical weapons is opened in the Penza region

The world's first production line for destruction of munitions complex design opens today at the facility for the storage and destruction of chemical weapons "Leonidovka" in the Penza region, RIA "Novosti".

Russian Commission on Chemical Disarmament said: "It is not easy task to destroy the products that contain not only poisonous, but also explosives, successfully solved our scientists and engineers under the direction of the federal government for the safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons."

According to the Commission, now stored ammunition complex construction on three projects: "Leonidovka" (Penza oblast), "Maradykovsky" (Kirov Region) and "Pike" (Kurgan region).

"Their reserves are not more than two tenths of a percent of the total, but the time required for the destruction of a significant", — said in a statement.

So far, Russia has destroyed 28 tons of chemical weapons, which is more than 70% of the available inventory. According to the current edition of the federal program, the destruction of Russian chemical weapons stockpile to be completed by December 31, 2015.

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