Unique medical center in Tyumen earned with a maximum load (photo, video)

Today, it is the only place in the country where, under one roof several types of diagnosis, including the production of special products, as well as nuclear medicine therapy. Now there is no need to seriously ill people to go for treatment in other regions, and even more so abroad.

Alexander Savitchev already familiar with ultrasound, MRI and biopsy. However, this procedure takes place in the first time. Before the examination of men radioactive drug is administered intravenously. It's safe — the level of exposure is low.

Complex technique using gamma radiation produces three-dimensional image on the monitor — scarlet spots in the black-and-white contour. That is, the area of the tumor as possible on the background of a healthy body. The snapshot helps to better understand the tissue of any organ.

Radioactive drugs are produced here in the next room. With the help of this mini-reactor — the cyclotron produce a fluid that is sent to the laboratory. There are chemical engineers, the desired composition of the patient. Shelf life of these substances in just two hours.

"Works automatic robot. Automatically He packs up either syringes or vials. We give this medication to control the quality and then — on the packaging of the sisters and the introduction of patients," — says the engineer radiochemist radiological center of Tyumen Regional Oncology Center Alain Tsarev.

Now every day diagnostic radiology center in Tyumen runs from 30 to 40.

"Our center is unique in terms of the Russian Federation, because in one building, in one structural unit, we can widely used and applied medical radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes," — said the chief radiologist of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Elisha.

Radioactive drugs for the treatment of patients brought from Moscow to Tyumen. Therapy in nuclear medicine is similar to voluntary detention. 120 hours alone in the best case with a neighbor in the ward.

Once the patient is receiving the appropriate dose of the drug, it becomes a source of radiation and enters the chamber, from which will come in five days. Inside, there is everything to this for a period not to get bored and not starve. With patients constantly keeps in touch nurse. She is well seen and heard what was going on.

Restrictions on how sensitive sites. Zones of increased radiation activity is strictly marked, and in each corridor is a special device control.

Oncology — basic, but not the only direction. Today, in a radiological center ready to treat cardiovascular, neurological and other diseases. And in the next year, here are hoping to take not only Tyumentsev, but also patients from neighboring regions.









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