Unique operation conducted vascular surgeons Kemerovo bureau

56-year old woman removed a malignant tumor of considerable size in the retroperitoneal space (so-called rear peritoneum is closer to the backbone) which has grown into the vital vessels: aorta and inferior vena cava.
The aorta — the largest vessel in the body, starting from the heart. The composition of the aorta consists of two divisions: the thoracic and abdominal. Thoracic aorta — is the initial part of the aorta. It marks the numerous arteries that provide blood organs of the chest, head, neck, and upper limbs. As the abdominal aorta, then it is the end portion of the aorta, blood is responsible for providing the abdomen and feet. 
Lower hollow Vienna regulates blood flow to the serdtsu.Pri defeat the two large vessels arise clots clogging veins, obstruction of blood. Furthermore, the patient had a high risk of cancer cells throughout the body, since, once the vessel, they can affect any organ. 
Today in the Kuzbass region for such operations are taken specialists of the regional hospital. During the surgery is not simply removed the tumor, but also restores the vessels. Treatment refers to a category of high relief. Costs, and it is about 200-thousand rubles, takes on the regional budget. 
This operation is considered to be unique because for the country as a whole held no more than 3-4 such operations.

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