Unique operation to separate Siamese twins spent Altai Surgeons

Now we have to break, but it's so nice. Elena is not accustomed to the fact that girls now lie apart. The fact that she would have conjoined twins, she learned at 23 weeks of pregnancy on ultrasound.

Yachmeneva Elena, mother of twins, "We were all in shock, my husband and I was very upset, but what to do, it is a pity to do something to harm them, they were moving, and we knew it was two girls and decided, as will be , so it will be, we will deliver. "

Twins were born on November 18 in the perinatal center of Altai Krai.
At this point in the regional children's hospital began preparing for a difficult operation. Difficult — because the successful separation of conjoined twins in the world can be counted on one hand. Altai girls, who were born prematurely, weighing 3200, first of all, you have to put in a stable condition. Unique operation even filmed. Step by step, it captures only a photo.

Now, says Professor Kozhevnikov, a medical document that is yet to be explored official medicine. Half an hour after the start of the operation was imposed last stitch, and even formed navels, which was not. When it was over — came euphoria, recognized by doctors.

Yuri Tan, head of surgical department KGBUZ "Altai Regional Children's Clinical Hospital": "It was very difficult, because there is no technology to do as what to do. There were problems like anesthetize two, how do catheterization of veins — there were a lot of problems."

Now, it seems all the problems behind. The girls, who were called Evelyn and Violetta, feel good. Doctors promise, if all goes well, they will go home in February. Houses in the area they will Shipunovsky dad and two brothers. And also the whole village, which was worried about them.

Irina Prokofiev

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