Unique Ossetian dam engineer

Builder of North Ossetia Igor Gusiev developed an improved design shore protection levees, much cheaper counterparts. The main difference from other similar structures — a form. Rospatent has recognized the unique design. Despite the fact that the levees Gusieva has long been widely used in the country, only now the inventor and his team have received patents.

Innovation interested guide Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the head of department Vladimir Puchkov instructed his subordinates to carefully examine the project. Rather, the development of the Ossetian constructor will be used in all Russian regions.

The principle of operation is simple structure, in the form of the thing. The project Igor Gusieva concrete structures and rings are connected cable powerful. The idea of such a dam was born about ten years ago, when flash floods killed in North Ossetia, 50 km of roads.


Gusiev talked about the features he developed the design: "When I saw the water suddenly came to mind:" What can we do besides throw a stone and concrete walls built? ". Suddenly came the thought: why not make it streamlined the water with every meter drains water from shore? "

The project had to be developed in extreme conditions. Then the flood levee Igor Gusieva for North Ossetia was the last hope. Her collected and installed in 20 days.

The design is easy to transport and install, it requires only a crane and a pair of hands. Unique invention was not only economical, but also durable. Head of the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of the Administration of the Municipal Assembly Alagirsky region of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Teimuraz Gat said: "Compared with concrete walls that are less expensive to construct five or six times. After 2002, we have several times been floods, and these rings, these shore protection structures are still standing."

The effectiveness of the dam Igor Gusieva has proved over the years. In North Ossetia, this design is now used in the most dangerous areas. Deputy head of the North Ossetian branch Uprdor "North Caucasus" Nicholas Pesyakov explained:"As far as tetrapods, the construction itself is on three points. Even if the force of the water it will turn, it is on the other three points".

The project won two gold medals at the International Forum "Quality Mark of XXI century". Concrete, reinforcement of a new generation of special additives for strength — the developers have not disclosed all the secrets. The main thing is that to build a plant for the production of structural elements is not necessary.

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