Unique robotic line foundry run on UOMZ (Ekaterinburg)

During a visit to the "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" Dmitry Rogozin took part in the opening the first phase of a unique robotic foundry parts of optical guidance, which are used in the aircraft industry — to create military aircraft and helicopters.  

The work shop is fully robotized production of future cases of optical sights begins with a wax casting parts, which is covered with 7-8 layers of ceramic, then the wax drips out, it remains ceramic mold into which is poured aluminum and receive the item, said the head of the foundry site Artem investigation.

"For Russia, this is a unique production, has plants in Moscow and Narofominsk that can produce parts in a similar way, but we have a factory, we can produce parts twice as large in size," — said the investigation.

Every year in the shop can be cast up to 250 tons of aluminum, as well as parts of other metals.


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