Unique trailers from Company SPETSPRITSEP

Moscow-based company Ltd. "The company SPETSPRITSEP" lives up to its name since more than 10 years in the design, manufacture and supply of modern trailers to meet the requirements of the customer and optimally solving transportation problems.

The development of the design of trailers and semi-trailers are taught by experienced designers, many of whom were trained abroad and have made a number of know-how, which have been granted patents.

Towed vehicles with the brand name "SPETSPRITSEP" operated by enterprises of the Federal Agency "Spetsstroy Russia" and RAO "Gazprom" company "Transneft" Corporation "Transstroi" city-forming complex of Moscow, the Taiwan plant (China), etc.

Among a number of vehicles manufactured to order, we note the trailer balkovoz model 9942B4, created by engineers for transportation spans and bridge beams up to 33 meters With its own weight 11 tons trailer can carry loads up to 60 tons designers have developed a special trailer pipe carrier model 9942P2 perfectly manifested itself in the North in the construction of the pipeline. It can transport tube lengths up to 36 m and weighing up to 50 tonnes It is easy to handle when reversing and has a high maneuverability through the use of locking mechanism for turning trucks.

The trailer is designed for use with truck and tractor ballast. Also interesting design 9942D3 bed trailer with loading height of 600 mm and a capacity of 30 tons to reduce axle loads and reducing the length of trains in this empty trailer has a hinged axle.

The company also has extensive experience in creating spetspritsepov for transportation of harvesters, zheleznobetonnyh designs, coils, metal containers, non-standard equipment (in particular, units of nuclear power plants), and other oversized cargo.

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