Universal and unique machines. Ryazan Machine

Ltd. "Ryazan Machine Tool Works" — enterprise specialized in the production of machinery and equipment for metal processing.
The plant is a machine-tool "Rosstankom". For several years there has been an intensive modernization, upgrading and purchasing new equipment, including Grinding and test and measurement. Who is involved in the primary production of about 1,500 machines, including 300 CNC machines.

Today, the company produces a wide range of both universal CNC machine tools and heavy machinery unique to specific operations:

Machine RT2651, drilling and boring for deep holes, the length of the workpiece up to 6000 mm, workpiece diameter up to 500 mm:


CNC machining center, CNC 1740C, can handle parts weighing up to 1000 kg:


The machine is heavy range RT950F3 horizontal layout, CNC enables singles to process the workpiece diameters up to 2000 mm:



Special machine reeling RT305, maximum rolling force 30 ton, the power of the main drive of up to 200 kW:



CNC machining center, CNC 1715S designed for complex machining, machine tool spindle speed reaches 4,500 r / min:



Screw-cutting lathe RT817. The machine is designed for a variety of turning operations. All the power of the kinematic chain gears are made of alloy steel, hardened and ground. It can handle parts weighing up to 8,000 kg in the centers:



Vertical turning lathe boring two-high precision (class II) CNC RTV15216F3. Weight of workpiece up to 6000 kg, the surface finish of the product after processing Ra 1.6


Horizontal boring machine with CNC RGR2622F3. Machine with rising stem for the treatment of body parts that are accurate holes connected by a precise distances. Material processed parts — structural, alloy tool steel, cast iron, non-ferrous and light alloys:


Vertical Lathe boring two-universal machine with DRO RTV1528F1. The machine is designed with advanced technical solutions, from design to production. The machine is equipped with components that provide cutting force, high rigidity combined with a high efficiency, reliability. It allows processing of up to the workpiece 200 (!) Tons and a diameter of 8000 mm, surface finish Ra 1.6


Horizontal boring machine RGR2620F1. Designed to handle complex surfaces of large parts of the iron, steel, aluminum and other metals:


Vertical Lathe boring two-CNC high-precision RTV15225F3. Workpiece weight — 10000 kg. Clean the surface of the workpiece after machining Ra 1.6 


Machine WHEEL portal layout RT905F3. Modern wheel lathe, CNC model RT905F3 (RT910F3) is designed for machining the cam tie by the renewal and production of new car wheel pairs and traction of railway rolling stock:

Video of the machine RT905F3:


And this unique machine is made for a customer in the field of shipbuilding. This machine is designed for multistage processing very long parts.

Assembling a unique machine RT950F3-2


The plant operates a quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, all products are certified by Russian standards, is certified by CE, TUV.

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