Universal prefab ChMZAP

Universal semi-trailer ChMZAP

JSC "Uralavtopritsep" is semi-trailer ChMZAP 93853-037 CF1 with removable farm, developed by special order of the largest construction company of the Ural region to transport concrete formwork, construction materials and containers.


ChMZAP 93853-037 CF1 on two axes is universal: the model is equipped with a removable conic, and farm and container locks. Suspension spring, two-wire pneumatic braking system. Load capacity — 21 tons, without the farm — 18 tons Fifth wheel load to the farm is 9 m platform length -11 090 mm, width -2500 mm (conics -2760 mm).

When removing the decayed farm and conics can carry cargo containers for general construction purposes and Type 1A and 1 AA.

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