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"For a child reads: mother, anywhere and write, do not protest, do not ask. And then you will be put, and put me in an orphanage."
Natalia Parsukevich, wife coaxed criminally responsible for his role in the protest business Cyargeya Parsiukevich.
"SLM showed its essence that the only favorite that is currently positioning itself as — a communist, and" Young Front "can not support it in any way."
Anastasia Palazhanka, deputy chairman of the unregistered organization "Young Front" — the decision of the "Young Front" to secede from the United Democratic Forces.
"In my opinion, they take it for non-independent solution that someone gave them a hint to do it. This long dream to make security services Belarus dream to divide the pro-Russian opposition to the pro-European and, on the left and right, and of old to young. It has long been trying to make Alexander Lukashenko and his security services. "
Sergei Kalyakin control of the Communist Party — the decision of "Young Front" to secede from the United Democratic Forces.
"The EU member states have also expressed concern about the growth of pressure on me and on our embassy with the Belarusian authorities. European Union is developing its approach to bring this concern to the Belarusian authorities."

"I was terribly bored in Minsk. I would be much happier if there was used. But I’m very busy here since I was a constant contact with their embassy and that is happening as we solve the problem of these latter requirements Belarusian authorities. I was not here on vacation, I work very hard. More I miss the people, I wake up every morning and think about the people in Belarus, with whom I wanted to be close. "
Karen Stewart, salting USA in Belarus — in an interview with "Freedom."
"If the president wants to make Belarus really better own style, something about it is his intention to utter more than deeds, not words, no matter how beautiful they were."
Michael Blakemore, a spokesman for the organization "Amnesty International" — about the plans of the Belarusian authorities to hire a well-known British consultant in PR Lord Timothy Bell to improve the style of Belarus and its president.
"If they (the Belarusian authorities) fail to democratize the election and uniformly cross towards liberalization, the area inevitable. History strongly indicates: less democracy than elections, the more people on the streets and squares."

Alexander Milinkevich favorite unregistered movement "For Freedom" — another anniversary of the protests after the presidential elections in 2006.
"I promise to you that you will be in the bullpen in Akrestsin."
Naydenko Alexander, deputy head of Minsk police — at a meeting in Minsk city executive committee applicants mass rally in Minsk to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the creation of the BNR.
"Power wants to spoil prazdnichek, but I think that you can sit on Akrestin congratulations to the soul and heart."
Anatoly Lebedko, chairman of the United Civil Party, one of the applicants for a mass rally in Minsk to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the creation of the BNR.
"We’re going on Yakub Kolas and will try to pass the claimed route. Very crucial for me, that the action took place with access to the roadway, because on another it will just be a betrayal of those young people who are currently held in a criminal case for the shares in February, when they first time in three years brought protesters onto the roadway, helped honor for this opposition and have a criminal case. So here goes: if we do not go out on the roadway — we simply surrender. And if subsequent action will remain normal as in any other country at least — on the roadway — that criminal article for the fact that people do not go on the sidewalk in time demonstrations will simply not apply. "
Statkevich, one of the applicants for a mass rally in Minsk to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the creation of the BNR.
"I think you know the time when such a massive Western pressure on Belarus, our dealings with Russia will be even closer."
"Democracy in Belarus is the same as in Austria, almost one to one. Democratic values in Belarus over the highest level, than at least some other European country."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in an interview with the Austrian news agency.
"Amnesty International" not once warned Austrian businessmen, just like to get involved in a situation with languid human rights violations when doing transactions with the Belarusian government. Since this government systematically violates the basic rights and freedoms of Belarusians. Special warning on this occasion we did the Austrian chapter "Telecom." Company, indeed, get into difficulties when the request of the Belarusian authorities will give pertinent information about their own customers. We sent a note and management of the Austrian "Rayfayzenbanku" about how unsafe to lend Belarusian regime — using the power of these funds will be able to continue coming to the massive human rights. "
Heinz Patzelt, Secretary General of the Austrian branch of «Amnesty International». Tags: Lukashenko, quotes, Stewart

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