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"I go out to the checkpoint, and I head of the facility reported that it is" humane act of the president, you are free. "All. Get your money, clothes and home. I sat down. Reads:" Do not you believe me? "I say "No".
Andrei Klimov — for their own liberation.
"But look what a big company raised the Belarusian authorities against" Polish Card ". Fact that in this case will increase pressure on the Polish diaspora in Belarus, I have no doubt."

Alexander Fyaduta, writer and political analyst — the likely consequences for Belarus Kosovo’s independence.
"We beat" on the tails. "Then it was necessary to protect Yugoslavia, Russia did not cost much effort to resist anger against the fraternal people.’s Late" songs to sing. "Process began long ago, Montenegro gone, gone the other republics, Kosovo remained. This is a continuation of split ".
"Are you think that only in your control should be the ambition to lead a union? I was not a politician, and was not a politician, Putin or Medvedev, or someone else, who would in this respect have not sought to play a role in the leadership of this union. "

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in an interview to "Russia Today" and the news agency RIA "Novosti", answering questions about the independence of Kosovo and wished he would lead the Federal Government.
"Individual prosecutors their individual fundamental ambitious plans have somewhere to throw home. Either quit a job in the prosecutor’s office … They are, as you can see, disturbing, as we will have a look at America and the European Union. This is not your difficulties, difficulties that the President and Prime Minister, this we will deal with politics. And you have the law and the Constitution. "

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — during the presentation of the new Attorney General of unnamed employees prosecutors.
"It seems to be there at one time shared the story or border — fairly or unfairly — all minorities never staged. Formation of nations, countries, the geopolitical map of the world for someone else may be unfair. Like, for instance, has historically been our fate and Belarus. Each civilization has its legends and torment. Belarusian I like somewhere deep down condole Albanians. But if you look on the basis of beliefs modern political map of the world, then, of course, nothing decent in this no. "

Peter Sadowski, publicist, last salting Belarus in Germany — on the international recognition of Kosovo’s declaration of independence.
"Anatoly Pochetaemy! I was pleased to take you into rounded Cabinet, and I appreciate our conversations on the subject of the struggle for freedom and justice in Belarus. We continue to look for events in your country and after our meeting, and I admire your courage and your courage colleagues. We must keep in mind that freedom — is a gift from the Almighty to every man, and I believe that one day people of Belarus will be free. "
George Bush, the U.S. president — in a letter to the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka.
"It really appealed to President diplomatic representatives and municipal officials zabugornyh countries asking them to allow Kazulina accompany his wife abroad for healing … From humane judgment, taking into account the exceptional events our country has confirmed its willingness to take this step. Condemned refused, it is his right … The government in a difficult situation for this family behaved decently and humanely. fact that at this point begin to speculate on the subject, at least unethical. "

Natalia Pyatkevich, deputy head of the presidential administration — about the nature of the proposals made Lukashenko A. Kazulin.
"If you want to hear from anyone in the Belarusian language commands — no problems. He will receive such conditions of service. Simply, he is the only, and for him the 1st does not make sense. Would such at least platoon — no problems."

Leonid Maltsev, the defense minister, at a press conference in response to a question about the Dmitry Zhaleznichenka that after conscription claimed that commanders turned to him in Belarusian.
"We need to go on a political platform, because it is a purely economic requirements do not bring any result. Businessmen necessary as all citizens who wish to any change in their own lives, to unite and go single column."

Victor Coley, an activist campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" — struggle businessmen for their rights.
"Viktor Ivchenko, Lyudmila Saenkova Alexander Tikotsky Anna Basov — all those who were members of the committee that expelled me, do not understand that times have changed, change the power, and will be on them once the same committee, and may be , there will be over by some courts. And all get what they deserve. "
Franak Vyachorka, one of the favorites "BPF Youth" is excluded from the BSU — about the members of the committee who saw the decision to expel him.
"Visiting Minister Martynov security conference and subsequent negotiations in Berlin signaled the country’s willingness to engage in dialogue with Europe … Martynov said:« It takes two to tango "(" to dance the tango, required two "). Yes, indeed. But what is currently observed between European countries and Belarus, recalls faster cha-cha-cha or some dancing. "
Uta Zapf, Bundestag deputy from the Social Democratic Party, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Belarus of the OSCE PA — in a speech to the Bundestag on the negotiations minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov and control the German Foreign Ministry.
"To put me not for that. I was just doing their own journalistic duty. How to read Admiral Nelson before the Battle of Trafalgar -" Let each perform their own duty. " That I have done … Bullpen — is a negative experience. If I was there for three years, I’m afraid, would become Count of Monte Cristo. In the sense that it would take revenge on the world. "

Sdvizhkou Alexander, former deputy editor of the newspaper "Zgoda", sentenced to 3 years bullpen for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and released this week — in an interview with "Freedom." Tags: Kozulin, Lukashenko, quotes, Kosovo, Klimov, Sdvizhkou, Zapf

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