Unquote 23:02. — 29.02.2008

"If I did not until Tuesday unleash, I will translate into a dry hunger strike — stop and drink water. Will hunger strike to death, let us be buried together with his wife."
Alexander Kozulin, the last presidential candidate, a political prisoner — a statement on the death of his wife, Ira.
"As a human being I feel sorry for him."
Vital Ahnistsikau, head of the colony "Vitsba-3" — about Alexander Kozulin after the death of his wife.
"The authorities can not return Ira Kozulin to life, but they need to give her husband the freedom."
Andrea Rigoni, Rapporteur on Belarus of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe — in an appeal to the Belarusian authorities to release A.Kozulin.
"And although once Vasil Bykov referred his work" Dead Do not hurt ", but in this situation, I think that hurt and dead. So, here, and Ira Kazulina hurt by the fact that the authorities do with her husband."
Olga Ipatova, writer — about the situation after the death of I.Kozulinoy.
"We have declared a hunger strike of solidarity with our dad. Wish 1st — that our mother was buried on Christian traditions. As the father said that without his burial will not, we do not wish to see our mother lying in the morgue for three more years. Cause we ask to release his father, at least during the funeral, the funeral to spend normally. "

Olga Kozulin A.Kozulin daughter — a statement after the death of her mother.
"I forgive him (Lukashenko) all that survived our family. We all walk under God and must rely on his freedom."
Alexander Kozulin — at a press conference after the funeral of his wife.
"The fate of my people — this is my destiny. In 2006, I deliberately went to jail, because I, too, was warned in advance of the arrest and very aggressively recommended to leave the country, saying that everything will be okay. But if people suffering and you bessya for the people, you do not have to think about yourself. ‘Cause I try to go to the end of the road that passes my people, our Belarusian people. Without going this way, it is hard to call himself a man who fights for the common good. "

Alexander Kozulin — interview "Freedom" on the way to the colony.
"In the near future are increasingly voices from different sides that Belarus radically change its foreign policy. We perform accurate foreign policy, and if we somewhere compromises, as in the near future with the European Union, I would not say that we changed the vector of our foreign policy and we try, as they say some, to flirt with the West. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus.
"The presence of pro-Russian forces in the coalition — mine slow action. Pro-European political parties and UCP BPF uncomfortable in coalition to promote European values, because the Communists offended. Already oscillation appears as these pro-European party."

Statkevich, pioneer civilian campaign "European Belarus" — at the founding meeting of the Mogilev branch of the company.
"There comes a realization that if we who are in opposition in a difficult situation, we can not agree, then we can not simply allow to power."

Misha Voronets managing Grodno regional organization BSDP (Gromada) — about the approval of candidates for parliamentary elections for the democratic forces.
"I’m going to change their citizenship because it is a political act for me. I do not want to be a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Sickening Well for me at the moment to be a citizen of this country. Specifically this the Republic of Belarus."
Sdvizhkou Alexander, former deputy editor of the newspaper "Zgoda", sentenced to three years for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad — at a press conference in the BAL after release.

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