Unshaven morning Olga Gopeevoy

Mysterious sounds accompanied the current presentation books Olga Gopeevoy "Unshaven morning." In 4 Nechinenye rooms hung poet and laid her one clear order paper strips, pieces of cloth, cans, their personal belongings and arranged the old players, of which sounded incomprehensible music. Position supplemented piece of poetry books. Every guest in this atmosphere could make his own poetic image according to the proposed words.
Piercing and greenish hair

Associative play young poetess approved critic Ira Shavlyakova:
"The works of poetry Olga Gopeevoy me about such as piercing or hair greenish color. Virtue of age and physique navel for myself, I do not pierced, but to be honest, I’m not annoying and even leads to a certain tenderness. Thumbing through" Unshaven morning, "I say to you, there everything will be as in the parable. Because, dear friends, thank Olga for the fact that it strongly enhances my understanding of the abundance and literature, and peace, and in a certain sense, with phenomena such as piercing or greenish hair, and with that brings literature. "
NOT facade and feeling alive
A cultural studies and literary critic Yuri Borisevich creative experiments proved Mrs. Gopeevoy:

Case for poetry Olga Gopeevoy I estimated such as to piercing or hair greenish …

Gapeeva often provokes the reader or risky ugly phrases like coffee with her prince spermayu. But it is necessary that the goal that shell, release from prison actual human experience that recommends shun all new and incomprehensible. Shocking, shock images give the reader a choice: rasplystsisya on pan fried or look behind her wings and get them to heaven. "
That’s why — says sovereign Borisevich — poetess not comb his own poems, and let the world unshaven, so as not to disturb the emotions. Hence the title of the book, which, according to the creator, it fits the mood neglyamurnyh verses:
"I do not think it’s for me individually is something naughty. This, by contrast, is something that’s not glyamurnae not combed, like what is — a sincere and open. But I think it’s not the form or perfection letters, it concerns the internal state. "

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